Beamer Press Conference Transcript

Beamer Press Conference Transcript


Beamer Press Conference Transcript


By Staff Report.

Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer held his weekly press conference where he looked ahead to the matchup with the Tigers.

Opening Statement:

“After watching the video, I feel the same way as after the ball game. We just need to play more consistently, which is our challenge right now. We won’t talk about injuries and we will follow the procedure there when they release something Thursday.”

“If you look at Clemson, they are just flat-out good. They are very good up front on defense, got experience on the backend and are just a very physical football team. Offensively, I think they are averaging 506 yards and 38 points. Their quarterback is completing 66 percent of his passes, 13 touchdown and only two interceptions. The Watkins kid is another Percy Harvin, except bigger; what a threat he is. They have a lot of dynamic players and they are a dynamic football team. We understand that we have a really good football team coming in Saturday.”

Q. Based on what you seen in the first four games, are you confident that your team is ready for some better competition?

” Well my whole position is that we have done things well in all areas really. We have had moments where we have done things well but we just haven’t done it consistently well. If you go back and do something well one time, you can do it well again the next time is what we need to get to.”

Q. Is this team at all remind you of the 2007 team that it seemed like you guys were yelling at a lot of areas and had some question marks throughout the whole season but kept finding a way to win?

“I think it’s just too early to tell. I think that this team is this years team and that we have had our moments but just haven’t consistently had our moments.”

Q. As you try to get some consistency at punter this week, is that one of those things were you would like to have a guy going into the game that he will be handling all the punts?

“Yes, I would like to have the situation settled to be quite honest with you. We are going to work hard on it again this week. That position is like your quarterback, you have to get settled on it and go with it and I understand that.”

Q. Last week you started to work with Demitri Knowles obviously with Dyrell gone. Will you be looking to start working with Asante and Smiling and bring them up from the scout team?

“Yes we are going to really work Knowles this week, and see how far we can bring him in with a lot of work. Smiling is another possibility but Knowles is the one right now that we will really work.”

Q. What do you think the Tidewater/Hampton Roads area make it such a hot pick for the quarterback position?

“They sure have had a run of them that’s for sure. This [Tajh] Boyd kid has been playing great. That area has had a lot of quarterbacks play well from them in the last few years. There is no question that football is good in that area probably as good as there is in the state of Virginia. They just have had a good run in great quarterbacks.”

Q. Have you said anything to Logan this week about how the game atmosphere will be like in such big game this week?

“Well he is a smart guy and have been on the sideline watching Tyrod for a couple years. I think him being ready mentally is the least of our worries.”

Q. Will you say anything to the team this week about being focused, since you didn’t really prepare them for that road game against ECU, especially since this will be on the national level?

“I don’t think you have to worry about us being focused. All you have to do is turn the video on of Clemson and they really get your attention. They have great athletes and this is a dynamic football team coming in here.”

Q. Is there any question in your mind that Cody is still your kicker or is that something you are going to open back up?

“No, Cody has been doing well. Of course he had the one blocked and we were a little bit slow in the timing but they had came up over our center in that one. Then the one he missed was close but we will continue to go with Cody.”



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