Benton Preparing to Be Starter

Benton Preparing to Be Starter


Benton Preparing to Be Starter


“I always kind of play that through in my mind early in the season just in case it did happen.  Right before halftime we had to punt and I saw Dawson go down and grab his leg.  I was like oh man this is for real.  I was just really worried about his health and making sure he was okay.  The best thing about it was every day I have been getting to work with Dawson and he is an excellent punter, great athlete and great coach.  Getting to work with someone like that every day just makes your game that much better.  I felt okay out there because me and Dawson work every day.  It worked out for the best,” said Benton.

After seeing what happened to your teammate what went through your mind going against a live rush?

“It was the best situation possible because the first one was a sky punt so I figured the rush probably wouldn’t be as hard and they would try to setup a return.  They didn’t really bring a rush that play so that kind of got my jitters out a little bit.  Then the next one it went through my mind.  I was like Dawson just got laid out and they got two roughing the punter penalties on three punts so I it was kind of going through my mind but I was just worried about getting it off,” said Benton.

Are you preparing to be the starter this week even though it sounds like Dawson may be back?

“Yeah, my mind focus right now is that I am the starter and have to do the job.  Dawson was at practice yesterday and it seemed like he will be okay.  He is a little sore still but hopefully by Saturday he will be okay,” said Benton.

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