Homecoming for Branch

Homecoming for Branch


Homecoming for Branch


Senior defensive end Andre Branch will head home for the first time as a Tiger when he travels to Virginia Tech.

“This is going to be a homecoming service pretty much.  It just feels good to be back at home.  I haven’t played there since I have been back at Clemson,” said Branch.

What is Andre’s ticket situation?

“Richmond is going to be pretty packed in Blacksburg,” said Branch.

What will the challenge be like for some of the young guys like Tajh and Sammy that haven’t played on the road?

“It is challenging because Blacksburg is a hostile environment just like you said, but at  the same time Tajh is a calm, cool, collected quarterback and Sammy you guys know how he handles adversity and everything.  I feel really good about my team,” said Branch.

Watch Andre discuss the matchup with No. 11 Virginia Tech on TCITV:



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