Rally Cat Report

Rally Cat Report


Rally Cat Report


By Nicole Smith.


As football season gets underway the Rally Cat Report returns to TheClemsonInsider.com.  Each week get the latest from one of the Tiger’s Rally Cats.

The Rally Cats were bursting with excitement at the game vs. Florida State this past weekend, when the Tigers pulled out yet another win in Death Valley! There is nothing we love more than hearing Tiger Rag begin because Clemson just scored a touchdown! The Rally Cats never get too tired to dance the entire Tiger Rag song when the Tigers score, our excitement and adrenaline is so high when this happens we feel like we are all in the center of the action, hearing the 80,000 fans around us cheering on our wonderful football team, who has been playing with pure passion these past few games!

As much as we love dancing on the sidelines at every home football game, the Rally Cats are just as excited to all get together this Saturday night in front of a big screen television and watch our Tigers, hopefully, pick up another win when they play Virginia Tech at 6pm. I promise you one thing, every time we hear Tiger Rag playing from our TV set this Saturday, we will all be on our feet dancing right along, just as we would if we were on the field! We just love, love, love dancing for Clemson! 

Along with this busy month of September full of home football games, the Rally Cats have been preparing for the upcoming student led pep rally, Tigerama! We are very excited for Homecoming weekend, and Tigerama is always perfect beginning to a very fun and exciting weekend. The Rally Cats will be performing alongside the cheerleaders at Tigerama next Friday, October 7th starting at 7pm in Littlejohn Coliseum. We, as a team, get so excited for this event each year, because it is one of the few times that the Rally Cats can actually show the entire student body, family and friends what we are really about! We start by performing a Jazz routine, where our team gets to show off our technical dance training we all come from by doing many turns, leaps and high kicks. Next we will do a Pom routine, which is where we show of our skills in sharpness and precision. Pom is all about synchronization with each other and making every move as strong and as sharp as possible. Last we will perform a funky Hip Hop number where we get to show the crowd how fun and entertaining our team is to watch and how we can all break it down! As you can tell, we are all very versatile dancers, which many Clemson fans do not get the opportunity to see on a normal game day in Death Valley or Littlejohn. We have been working extremely hard on making these three dances as perfect as they can be, and hopefully by next Friday we will rock the roof off of Littlejohn when we step on to that stage! Make sure to buy your tickets for Tigerama in advance, currently the ticket prices are 6$, cash or check for students and 8$, cash or check, for adults, all tickets will be 10$ at the door! Tigerama will be an event you won’t want to miss!

 Being a Rally Cats is very time consuming, and takes a lot of hard work, determination and most importantly time management. All of our team members share all of these qualities which make us such a strong, close bonded group of girls. As a senior, I cannot imagine college life without the Rally Cats, and I am going to miss this most after a graduate. I am cherishing every moment I have in this last year of being a Clemson Rally Cat, and I know this year will be the best one yet! 




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