Morris Pleased with Tiger Toughness

Morris Pleased with Tiger Toughness


Morris Pleased with Tiger Toughness


Coach Morris was pleased with the toughness his offense showed Saturday night as they defeated No. 11 Virginia Tech.

“I am extremely excited about what a team effort,  how our players played.  We felt like we missed some passes early on in the game.  We might have missed some things here and there but the thing that impresses you the most is these guys being able to pull themselves up and keep battling.  We knew what kind of defense we were going against with coach Foster and the things that he can do.  We knew it was going to be tough.  We knew it was going to be a heavy weight fight.  They were going to hit us in the mouth and we were going to try to hit them in the mouth.  You are going to have to catch your breath, bob and weave a little bit, it wasn’t going to be easy.  I am excited about how these guys played tonight.  We made a couple of adjustments at halftime and came out and scored and that helped.  Then obviously that last one put the game away,” said Morris.

Watch coach Morris discuss the win over Virginia Tech.



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