Steele - Excited for the Players

Steele - Excited for the Players


Steele - Excited for the Players


Clemson defensive coordinator Kevin Steele met with the media after his defense held the Hokies to only three points and 258 yards.

“We are excited for those players.  Those players went out there and did what we asked them to do and we were effective in the pressure.  It was not just sacks.  A lot of time..What did we have three or four or something like that.  It probably could have been a couple more but we let him outside and the threw it away.  We effected the quarterback and that was much needed because we made them one diminsional,” said Steele.

Did coach Steele see this kind of effort building over the last few weeks?

“We have seen growth but those guys went out there and did a really nice job.  Obviously to hold a team like Virginia Tech in this stadium to three points, That hasn’t been done very often that I know of.  In that regard yet, but we haven’t scratched the surface yet.  We have a long way to go,” said Steele.

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