Allen - "It was unbelievable"

Allen - "It was unbelievable"


Allen - "It was unbelievable"


Dwayne Allen once again led the Clemson offense with four catches for 75 yards and a huge touchdown against Virginia Tech. 

“Coach Swinney sat in the locker room after the South Florida loss and the only thing he said was I’ll fix it.  We have had the tools.  We have had some of the pieces here, but coach Swinney did a great job during the offseason of really putting this puzzle together.  We are not finished yet.  It is like I said we get better week by week.  As we go along I feel like we are going to pickup little pieces that we need to really take this where we want it to go,” said Allen.

What was it like to see all the fans heading for the exits mid way through the fourth quarter.

“It is what I said before the game.  Everyone talked about how loud it was going to be.  I said when we go up they will shut up and when we put it down they will leave.  It was a great site to see them pooring out of the stadium.  It was unbelievable,” said Allen.

What was it like when the team gave Dabo the game ball?

“Wow, we just wanted to give coach Swinney some type of recognition.  He says it all the time he doesn’t want any recongition from anyone else.  He knows how the 115 guys that he has and his associates feel about him.  He knows how much we love him but we wanted to give him a game ball to show him how much we really love him,” said Allen.

How does the team get focused for Boston College after three big wins?

“We are not even watching the film.  We are getting focused on Boston College.  A team we have struggled against offensively.  A team that has really held us out of the endzone.  That is a big challenge for us.  They won in Death Valley the last time, no we kicked like 13 field goals to win that game.  It is a challenge.  They were struggling last year if you remember and we were that game that sparked their little run.  Guys are focused and guy know what we need to do and we will be ready this weekend,” said Allen.



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