Anthony - The Fun is in Winning

Anthony - The Fun is in Winning


Anthony - The Fun is in Winning


True freshman Stephone Anthony played 29 snaps for the Tigers and was on the field in some key situations Saturday helping lead the Tigers to a 23-3 victory.

“I am just blessed to have the opportunity to go out there and play ball,” said Anthony.

How far along is Stephone with picking up the defense?

“I kind of feel like I have a ways to go because there is always something I can improve on.  I just have to continue to feed myself and keep working at it,” said Anthony.

Was that a good feeling celebrating in the locker room after that big win?

“Yes sir, it was a great feeling.  It lets you know why you play football.  The fun is in the winning.  Hopefully we can keep that up,” said Anthony.

Did Stephone feel like the Tigers proved something going on the road and winning in a tough environment?

“We felt like we tried to make a statement as a defense and as a team but they are not going to give us credit so we are just going to keep playing ball and keep going,” said Anthony.

Any concerns of a letdown?

“I wouldn’t say there will be a letdown.  We look at every game as the same and we look at this game as a setup game and we are going to focus in and play the same way,” said Anthony.

What was it like being on the field in crunch time when they were on the goalline and you were calling the signals?

“It just shows I am starting to earn trust.  I am kind of just figuring things out and grasping every opportunity,” said Anthony.

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