Spaziani Press Conference Transcript

Spaziani Press Conference Transcript


Spaziani Press Conference Transcript


By Staff Report.

 Boston College head coach Frank Spaziani held his weekly press conference where he discussed this week’s matchup with the Tigers.

Opening Statement:

“We were disappointed with the outcome (of the Wake Forest game). We were in the game until the end, had a chance to make some plays and just didn’t make enough plays. We have to get back to the drawing board.” 

On the hindrance of players missing practice due to injury: 

“It’s one of the major contributors to our sporadic play. We’ve done things, but haven’t been consistent enough to win the game. That’s one of the things I attribute it to. We may have to go to a different roster move, than moving somebody around. That hadn’t seemed like the move in the past, but maybe it is right now. You’re always trying to figure out what the best combination is. It’s not an excuse, but there have been injuries, personal problems and a lot other things that affect the guys. When you have a lot of experience, a lot of veterans you can get away with some of that. A lot of guys are getting it for the first time and there’s not much carry over.” 

On the effect of penalties and turnovers against Wake Forest: 

“We had a minimal amount of penalties going into the game and for some reason a couple of our veterans committed some. I don’t think it’s the same things every week. We have to manage our way through some of this stuff. I don’t see the same stuff over and over again. In general, yes, but it’s not the same people. What we try to do is emphasize the positive things. For example, we had a kicking problem for a few weeks and we kicked the hell out of the ball yesterday. Some individuals improved. We saw where some guys were making mistakes and they improved. We need to be consistent. The guys who aren’t making the improvement are the ones who aren’t out there every day on a consistent basis and that makes sense.” 

Do you think about changing things schematically? 

“Yeah. We did do some of the stuff on offense to help ourselves. You still have to be fundamentally sound. On defense, there are a couple of things I think we can do. You have to be able to execute. We can draw up a lot of good stuff, but you have to execute. We have some stuff, we just haven’t used it and maybe we have to.” 

On Clemson’s win over Virginia Tech: 

“Obviously, they are on a roll. They always have very good players. They have high expectations in their program. I just read a headline that they beaten three ranked teams in a row. It will be a step up from the competition we’ve faced so far. Justifiably so, they’re in the top 10.” 

In what way is facing Clemson an opportunity? 

“It’s always an opportunity to get a win. You go down there, they’re the eighth-ranked team and on a roll. It’s about how you approach it. It’s a tremendous challenge. The higher the reward, the more opportunity there is. Playing a ranked team in their own stadium is a tremendous opportunity to get.” 

On managing Montel Harris’ health: 

“We were guarding him the best way we could. Physically, he’s alright. Condition wise and mentally, I think it takes a little while to get into a game. He’s got a lot of experience to fall back on. He had a little soreness, so we’ll find out if it’s normal or not in the next day or so.”



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