Boyd - Have to Keep Working

Boyd - Have to Keep Working


Boyd - Have to Keep Working


How did Tajh feel about the Tiger’s win over No. 11 Virginia Tech?

“I am definitely excited about it.  It is definitely a big step for where we want to go.  We have to keep working from here,” said Boyd.

Did the performance against Virginia Tech show that there is still work to do?

“Definitely, definitely.  It might have been what I needed.  Having some pretty good game  before that and let us know that we are not where we want to be as a team.  It is also a sign of great things for the team.  When every player doesn’t have their best game but still come out on top.  Just imagine what we can do if we have a complete game.  I really feel like we are searching for that as a team.  I am going to be excited about it when it happens,” said Boyd.

How big of a factor was the weather?

“A little bit, honestly for a while I couldn’t feel my fingers.  The ball felt like a brick.  I was like you don’t want to make excuses but it definitely factored into some of the throws but at the same time it is just something that you have to deal with,” said Boyd.

What does Boston College do well to keep the Tigers from scoring a touchdown the last two years?

“They have a really good scheme.  They have really great players and they are fundamentally strong.  I really feel like that is weird.  Not scoring in three years is kind of a tough thing to deal with.  We just have to make sure we score some touchdowns this week.  I am definitely looking forward to the challenge.  Boston College always comes in here or we go there and they have a great game.  They are definitely a tough opponent,” said Boyd.

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