Branch - BC Thorne in Our Side

Branch - BC Thorne in Our Side


Branch - BC Thorne in Our Side


Andre Branch played the best game of his career Saturday night helping lead the Tigers to a 23-3 victory over Virginia Tech.  Andre totalled 11 tackles, 4 sacks and 5 tackles for loss.

Did Andre know the snap count in the fourth quarter?

“(Laughing) Nah man, not at all.  It was just hand eye coordination most of all,” said Branch.

Clemson’s defense dominated the game Saturday night.  What did it feel like to have a defensive win?

“Nah, I wouldn’t say it was a defensive win.  I would say it was a team win.  We are all one unit.  Pretty much we just didn’t give away anything.  We played technique sound and we didn’t give up big plays like we did in the past,” said Branch.

After a strong fourth quarter stop against Florida State did the Tiger’s defense carry over momentum into the Virginia Tech game.

“We all know what we are capable of on the dline and as a defense.  Like coach Steele always says the sky is the limit for us.  We just wanted to honor him by playing our best.  He teaches us to be our best every single day.  We wanted to do the same when it came to game time,” said Branch.

Did Andre take it as a challenge that Virginia Tech didn’t give the tackle some help?

“I take it as a challenge every week because if someone is single blocking me then they don’t respect me.  That is how I look at it,” said Branch.

How does Andre feel with the Eagles coming to town?

“Boston College is pretty much a thorne in our side.  We just want to focus on our game and everything else will work out,” said Branch.

Watch Andre discuss the win over Virginia Tech, his impressive performance and the challenge of facing Boston College on TCITV:



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