Stoudt Does the Job

Stoudt Does the Job


Stoudt Does the Job


In the third quarter Cole Stoudt had to go in the game for an injured Tajh Boyd.

“Everyone on the team was worried for a little bit.  I heard people shouting my name so I warmed up a little bit and got ready.  The offensive line and everyone on the team was very supportive.  We all got in a groove after that,” said Stoudt.

What went through Cole’s mind when they said your going in the game?

“At first I was kind of shocked.  I didn’t really see what happened at first.  Then I saw Tajh went down and I said I just have to go out and do what I do in practice.  It was pretty much just like practice.  It was just a different situation,” said Stoudt.

Is it likely it will hit Cole later what was happening?

“I was just doing what I was coached to do.  If there was a situation I had to go in and be the guy.  That is what I had to do,” said Stoudt.

The game teetered when Cole first came in the game and Boston College scored a touchdown.  Cole had a major impact in the third and fourth quarter.

“When that happened we were like we have to do something on this drive.  We have to get something because we don’t want it to be a close game,” said Stoudt.

Was there a hush on the team when Tajh went down?

“Yeah we were all worried about Tajh.  He is like a family member to us.  If someone goes down, if anyone goes down we are all worried about that person.  We know we have good depth on this team so we have other people that can step in and do good,” said Stoudt.

Cole has only worked with the two’s in most practice situations?

“For all team situations I have worked with the two’s but there are some times for inside drills where I would go with the ones on things like the wet ball drill.  I would get work with the ones in certain parts of practice,” said Stoudt.

How did Cole feel about his performance?

“I feel like I did good.  I did what I needed to do.  I know starting next week I will have to go back and see what I did wrong and fix the little details and the things that I need to work on,” said Stoudt.



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