Tajh - "I feel pretty good"

Tajh - "I feel pretty good"


Tajh - "I feel pretty good"


As Tajh approached the chair for interviews Tuesday he joked that he should have come in with a wheelchair.

How is Tajh feeling?

“I feel pretty good honestly (smiling).  It was more of a precaution really but at the time I really couldn’t walk,” said Boyd.

Some of his teammate gave Tajh some grief after the injury once they knew he was going to be fine.

“I caught it a little bit.  We had a little team meeting yesterday and I got in there and they said the worst part about it was you got in the front seat of the golf cart.  They said you could have at least got in the back.  Coach Swinney was like you don’t have a hip pad in and I’m on the ground going oh it hurts.  He was like you don’t have a hip pad.  It was one of those deals,” said Boyd.

When asked if he would wear a hip pad this week Boyd responded, “Oh yes”.

Why did Tajh not have on a hip pad?

“It was more of a swag thing than anything,” replied Boyd.

Watch Tajh discuss the injury, the matchup with Maryland and much more on TCITV:



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