Clemson No. 7 in BCS

Clemson No. 7 in BCS


Clemson No. 7 in BCS


Clemson, SC—Clemson is ranked seventh in the Bowl Championship Series standings announced on Sunday night.  The BCS Standings are used to determine the teams who play in the BCS Bowls, including the BCS National Championship game.

            The BCS ranking are composed of one-third from the USA Today Coaches Poll, a third from the Harris Poll and a third from the six computer polls.

            This is the first time Clemson has been ranked in the BCS standings since November 22, 2009 when Clemson was 18th.  The number-seven ranking is tied for the best for the program in the BCS era.  Clemson was seventh in the October 23, 2000 BCS standing, the first time Clemson was ranked by the BCS.  That is also the only previous time Clemson was ranked in the top 10 in the BCS.

            This is the 18th time the Clemson has been ranked in the BCS poll.  Clemson was ranked in the last five polls of 2000 and held a number-15 ranking in the final BCS standing that year.  The Tigers were ranked in the BCS four times in 2006 between October 15 and November 19. 

Clemson was ranked in a school record six BCS standings in 2007, including a number 15 in the final standings of 2007.  That was the last time Clemson was ranked in the final BCS Standings. Clemson was also ranked twice in 2009, #23 on November 15 and #18 on November 22.


Clemson’s BCS Ranking History

Date                          Rank

10-23-2000                      7

10-30-200                      13

11-11-2000                    13

11-27-2000                    15

12-3-2000                      15

10-15-2006                    12

10-22-2006                    12

10-29-2006                    19

11-19-2006                    24

10-28-2007                    25

11-4-2007                      21

11-11-2007                    15

11-18-2007                    22

11-25-2007                    16

12-2-2007                      15

11-15-2009                    23

11-22-2009                    18

10-16-2011                      7




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