Morris - Found a Way to Win

Morris - Found a Way to Win


Morris - Found a Way to Win


Coach Morris spoke with the media following the Tigers come from behind win over the Terps.  What did coach Morris and the Tigers leave on the field Saturday night at Byrd Stadium.

“I left a lot of age out there.  I left a lot of man years for life.  Wow.  What a ball game.  You can’t say enough about coach Edsall and Maryland and the game plan they have.  They are a good football team.  My hat is off to them.  I am just so proud of our guys.  Good teams, great teams find ways to win.  How many times did you see it last year against Auburn.  They find ways  to come back and they find ways to win.  We did that,” said Morris.

“My response to them in there was we will correct things on Monday but right now we are going to be excited because we found a way to win,” said Morris.

It didn’t take Sammy long to makeup for the fumble.

“Well that happens.  Sammy drops a ball and we throw a pick six and it just seems like everything is going against us.  It was early.  We couldn’t panic.  Nobody was upset.  We were disappointed a little bit.  We just had to rally back and pull yourself up and keep going,” said Morris.

Watch coach Morris discuss the win over Maryland on TCITV:




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