Sammy Answers Wakeup Call

Sammy Answers Wakeup Call


Sammy Answers Wakeup Call


Sammy’s night at Byrd Stadium started with a couple of mistakes but ended with the single game record for all-purpose yards.  What did the coaches tell Sammy after the fumble?

“The coaches kept me down for it.  They told me not to worry about it and to just  block that out.  The players on the sidelines told me to forget that.  That is behind us.  Let’s focus on the next play,” said Watkins.

What was working in the return game?

“That was big because all week they have been stressing about special teams and we might need it.  We haven’t really been doing that good on special teams on kickoff returns.  We just really needed it and have been practicing hard this week on it.  I just told them to just block one time.  Just give me a crease and that is what they did,” said Watkins.

How did the 89 yard touchdown setup for Sammy?

“Well Jaron he just called it.  We kept going double right, double right and then double left and then bust it open.  Morris said just do your job and that is what happened,” said Watkins.

What did it tell Sammy about this team that they could come back from down 18?

“Just never look down on your team.  Just come out and be ready to play against any opponent.  That was a wakeup call.  We are not the best right now.  We still have stuff to work on,” said Watkins.

What did Sammy think of breaking C.J.’s all-purpose record?

“It means a lot.  I wasn’t really worried about it until they told me after the game.  I didn’t really know his record.  They came to me and I was like man I broke the record but I am just going to put that behind me and keep working,” said Watkins.



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