Watkins Tells Bellamy His Time Will Come

Watkins Tells Bellamy His Time Will Come


Watkins Tells Bellamy His Time Will Come


“I would say that is my best game because I made a couple of bad plays, but I put that behind me and just kept going and made some plays that helped the team out,” said Watkins.

How important was it to handle Saturday’s situation mentally more than physically?

“I think it was just being afraid or a little shaken up back there but I just kind of missed judged the ball a little bit.  At the same time I just blocked that out.  My teammates and coaches just told me to block that out.  I just blocked it out and came back and made some bigger plays,” said Watkins.

Was there confusion on the kickoff about whether to run the ball out?

“Yeah I touched it and I was like I got to come out with it or it is going to be a safety so I just ran out with it because I didn’t know.  I wasn’t sure,” said Watkins.

Coach Swinney said Sammy’s hands were like Spider Man, everything sticks to them.

“I just think practice makes perfect.  The same things I do in practice I do in the game.  We just go all week in preparation for the game and then catching on the machine helps because that will have your hand hurt,” said Watkins.

What is Sammy telling his roommate Mike Bellamy about his concerns?

“He is a great guy.  He just has to get use to his role because of course Andre Elllington is there.  Mike was always the big guy at his school and he just wants to do the same thing here.  He just kind of gets overwelmed by me doing so much and he can’t really do it.  He is capable of doing it but he sees his friend doing good and he wants to do good also.  He hasn’t really gotten the chance.  He is kind of playing a role right now,” said Watkins.

What does Sammy tell Mike at night about his concerns?

“I talk to him like every night.  He comes in and we have a little conversation and he is like I just ask for five carries.  I tell him it is going to be alright.  I tell him you are going to have all next year if Andre plans to leave.  I tell him to calm down and wait your turn.  He is like true but I want to do something now.  I tell him there is a time and place for everything,” said Watkins.



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