Filling in the Blanks - Shock the World

Filling in the Blanks - Shock the World


Filling in the Blanks - Shock the World


By Travis Blanks.

CLEMSON, SC- Travis Blanks, the highest rated Clemson commitment, agreed to do a diary with TCI. In this edition, Blanks talks about his season, why he chose Clemson, and graduating early.

My team is still undefeated this season, I haven’t been able to play in the past few games due to a tweaked hamstring but I’ll be playing this weekend and I couldn’t be happier. With only two months or so until graduation on December 20th, I can’t help but think that in only a few months I’ll be in Clemson (moving in on January 9th) and these next few months couldn’t go faster I’m just wanting to get to Clemson already.

When I committed to Clemson, I didn’t think of how good they’d be in 2011, I committed because it was in god’s plan, but their success is great and I can’t wait to get to Clemson and have the opportunity to contribute right away. All of my friends that wondered why I committed to Clemson are now surprised by the success that Clemson’s having, heck the whole world is surprised. I think even Clemson fans are shocked by how great the team’s been doing.

With my team being undefeated right now, there are several players on our team that hope to play in college one day. The advice I give them about the recruiting process is to trust in God and that he will lead to you where you need to be. I would have never guessed that God’s plan would have me going to Clemson, but I’m happy it did. God has a plan for all of us and it’s our job to follow it.

Everyone wonders about Clemson’s recruiting in Florida and why Clemson is so successful in this state. Well I can’t speak for everyone else but in my mind players’ end up where they’re supposed to be if they’re following God’s plan for their life. So many people out there underestimate Clemson and those that question why Clemson is always putting together great recruiting classes obviously haven’t visited. The atmosphere, the people, the coaches at Clemson that’s what sells the school, but you have to visit the school in order to witness what a special place Clemson really is.



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