Rally Cat Report - Feels So Good

Rally Cat Report - Feels So Good


Rally Cat Report - Feels So Good


By Nicole Smith.

Its is hard to put into words at how amazing it is to watch the Tigers win like they did this past weekend against UNC. The Rally Cats not only get the best seat in the house, but being able to be right in the middle of the action with all the Clemson fans going crazy, and being able to actually see the players reactions after they score a touchdown is something that is incredibly amazing! The Rally Cats are trying so hard to soak in every moment that is spent dancing on the field in Death Valley, especially since we only get one more home game where we will all dance together as a team on that field. The Senior Rally Cats are definitely starting to see the reality of the situation that they don’t have much time left to dance in the most exciting stadium in the nation. All of us Senior Rally Cats will be very emotional when we circle up for the last time on the field at the end of the Wake Forest game on November 12th. Hopefully though, the Rally Cats will be able to cheer on our Tigers in the ACC Championship or a Bowl Game later in the season!

            With home football season sadly coming to an end, the kickoff of basketball season was last Friday with the annual Rock the John event that took place in Littlejohn Coliseum. There was a great turnout of fans at this event, and the Rally Cats were very excited to welcome back the basketball team, and to cheer on the new freshman basketball players that will be debuting at the first game on November 5th. Basketball season is always a fun and exciting time for us Rally Cats because we are able to dance with more technical elements incorporated into our performances than we are able to do during football season. We all hope the basketball team is just as successful as our football team has been this year!

            At practice this past week, we have been working on basketball sidelines and making sure all of our freshman on the team will feel comfortable for our first basketball game. Our basketball sideline formations differ a bit from football because we are able to be more versatile on the basketball court! We have also started getting ideas together for our many different halftime performances that we will be doing during most of the home Clemson basketball games!

            Although our football team is playing at Georgia Tech this Saturday, many of us Rally Cats are traveling together to watch our Tigers play! We will be cheering just as loud, or maybe even louder than we do on the field! If you happen to be in Atlanta for the Georgia Tech game on Saturday be on the lookout for us Rally Cats and feel free to stop and say hello! 



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