Allen - All Goals on the Table

Allen - All Goals on the Table


Allen - All Goals on the Table


Clemson tight end Dwayne Allen spoke with the media following the Tiger’s loss to Georgia Tech.  Allen knows the Tigers still have a lot to play for this season.

“All our goals are still on the table.  We have a chance to clinch the division at home after the bye week so that is what we need to focus on and then go from there,” said Allen.

Could the bye week come at a better time given the health of the team?

“It is at a great time.  Give Andre some time to get healed.  My toe some time to get healed and all the other guys that have some bumps and bruises that they have been playing through.  A chance to get away from football for just a couple of days.  A chance to refresh and reboot,” said Allen.

How much did the Tigers miss Andre Ellington especially in pass protection?

“A lot.  That is the hidden value that Andre has in the pass protection on the offensive side of the ball.  We definitely needed him,” said Allen.

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