Morris - We Will Bounce Back

Morris - We Will Bounce Back


Morris - We Will Bounce Back


“They are attainable.  Everybody in that locker room is hurting right now.  Coaches, players, everybody is hurting.  You have to give Georgia Tech credit.  They outplayed us.  We had some opportunities in the second half but we couldn’t capitalize on them.  Our goals are still attainable but right now everybody is still hurting.  They will bounce back without a doubt,” said Morris.

Was there miscommunication between Tajh and Sammy in the interception in the endzone?

“It was, it was.  It was a first down throw and we have done that several times this year.  We thought we were possibly going to work it to the field.  That is what we were hoping.  We saw something with the safety rolling back to the boundary.  It was just a miscommunication.  That was obviously a huge turning point in any momentum we had with ten minutes to go,” said Morris.

How big was it to not have Andre Ellington?

“I think everyone saw the same things I saw.  It was huge.  It was huge not having Andre.  I thought the young guys did a good job in some areas.  Again we turned the football over.  We threw two picks and the running backs turned the ball over twice.  Any time you lose a top tier running back like Andre it is always tough,” said Morris.

Could Andre have gone?

“No, I don’t think he could have gone.  It was still tender,” said Morris.

Watch coach Morris discuss the loss to the Jackets, how the Tigers move forward and much more on TCITV:



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