Steele - Defense Physically Whipped

Steele - Defense Physically Whipped


Steele - Defense Physically Whipped


Once again Paul Johson and Georgia Tech dominated the Clemson defense Saturday night at Bobby Dodd stadium.

“Well we come out and give up the first touchdown on a turnover in the redzone.  Then we gave up a 46 yard run, a big play and they get in the endzone.  Then they come back and march one 80 yards on us.  There were some penalties in that one.  Then we come back right before the half and have a 40 or 50 yard pass on us.  They scrambled for a 60 yarder on the first one in the second half.  In a nut shell what it was is that we just got physically whipped.  We got out executed.  All of us from the defensive side, coach will talk about the team, but from a defensive standpoint we didn’t play to our expectations of what we demand and what we can do as a defensive team.  Too many big plays, too many opportunities to get off the field.  But that being said Georgia Tech did what they had to do and they are a well coached team.  They lined up and physically whipped us,” said Steele.

On that last drive you couldn’t get them stopped until the fourth down situation.

“We did, it took too long, but we did,” said Steele.



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