Hanging with Chad - Clemson Speaks for Itself

Hanging with Chad - Clemson Speaks for Itself


Hanging with Chad - Clemson Speaks for Itself


By Chad Kelly.

BUFFALO, NY- Chad Kelly, one of the top rated quarterbacks in the 2012 recruiting class and a Clemson verbal commitment has agreed to do a diary with TCI. In this edition, Chad talks about his first trip to Death Valley for a game, which former Clemson stars will be watching his high school team in the play-offs tomorrow night, and how he never doubted that Clemson would have a special season in 2011.

My team has its first playoff game tomorrow and we’re playing at The Ralph, where the Buffalo Bills play their home games. I’m really excited because both CJ Spiller and Chris Hairston will be there to watch me play. Having former Clemson players’ living nearby has been great, they’ve given me advice for when I get to Clemson and I think they’re just excited for me, knowing how special playing at Clemson will be.

I’m going to be coming to Clemson for my first Tiger football game this weekend as they play Wake Forest for the Atlantic Division Title.  It’s going to be awesome watching a game in Death Valley and hearing the stadium and how crazy it gets first hand because you can’t get a feel for the crowd noise watching the game on television. My mom is coming with me on my visit and she’s never been to Clemson so I’m really excited to show her around, I know she’ll love it.

There are several top recruits that are undeclared and taking their official visits to Clemson this weekend and I have texted, tweeted and facebooked them but when I see them on Saturday I’m going to let Clemson speak for itself. I won’t have to say anything; they’re going to fall in love with Clemson like I did when I first visited. I would love for Clemson to land another top recruit or two that would be huge.

The culture at Clemson is definitely changing and that all starts with Coach Swinney, Coach Morris, and the rest of the staff and all of the work they’ve been doing.  Their record and what they’ve been doing from a recruiting standpoint really speaks for itself. They continue to reel in top recruits, and that doesn’t surprise me at all. Coach Morris’s up tempo, spread offense helped land Germone Hopper and me, and I know that with all of the success they’ve been having more recruits are taking notice. Coach Swinney said before the season started that only time would tell and it’s true, I knew coming into this season that Clemson would be a top team because of their talented players and great coaching staff.

Seeing the success that Tajh has had this season, showing up on the Heisman Watch as only a first year starter is very encouraging to me. Knowing that I’m going to into a program where the quarterback is an offensive threat both passing and running the ball is amazing. It’s what I do best and I really look forward to learning from Tajh, a guy that’s been there and knows the offense inside and out. I’m going to be able to learn and grow so that when it’s my time to take over I’ll be ready.

The largest crowd I’ve ever played in front of is probably 3,500 so when I get to Clemson I’m sure I’ll be nervous at first, but once you step out under the lights you’ve got to be ready to play.


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