TCITV: Steele Post Game

TCITV: Steele Post Game


TCITV: Steele Post Game


Clemson defensive coordinator Kevin Steele met with the media following Clemson’s win over Wake Forest.

“The synopsis of the game just briefly.  They are a pretty good game.  You forget we didn’t just beat a team to clinch the Atlantic Division that had no chance to win it themselves.  They had a chance to win it themselves so they are a very good football team and very well coaches.  The first seven the earned it.  They drove 73 yards.  It was little things, slants, hitches, screens.  It wasn’t big plays, they just earned it.  I think the second one was actually a punt return.  The third one was after a turnover.  They scored on second down and that is about the worst call I have made in about two and a half years.  That was a bad call.  For what they did and the time, it was just a bad call.  The next touchdown was a base call.  We just had a rookie mistake.  He lined up right.  He just got a little bit over zealous.  We have to get better at handling adversity,” said Steele.

Watch coach Steele discuss the comeback win over the Deacs on TCITV:



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