Swinney Press Conference Summary

Swinney Press Conference Summary


Swinney Press Conference Summary


Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney held his weekly press conference where he discussed the road game against North Carolina State. 

Some of the quotes from the press conference:






What do you tell your team about the NC State game with the division already won?

“It’s about having a great week of practice, every game is critical. There’s a lot at stake for us every single week from a big picture standpoint.  We’ve got to play like a champion; we won our division we have to go play like that. That’s our challenge to our team to continue to get better and finish as strong as we possibly can the rest of the way.”

What a win Saturday would mean?

“This game means a lot to us, it’s a 10th win, we haven’t had a 10 win season since 1990, 21 years. It’s a big deal; it’s about being our best, about being the best we can be. We’ve got to keep moving forward and can’t be satisfied, the best are never satisfied they’re always striving to get better and lord have mercy we’ve got a lot of improving to do this week in practice at every position. There’s no one who can watch that tape and say they’ve arrived. We’ve got a chance to win 7 ACC games, which hasn’t happened since 1983. There’s plenty on the table out there for these guys. We’re the best in the division, we’ve earned that but there’s more out there so we’ve got to keep working and go from good to great and do what we can to win each game in front of us.”

Concerns about ball security.

“We’ve got to be smarter with the ball, a couple turnovers were fluky but we’ve had several bad ones. It’s ball security and Tajh and his success and confidence can sometimes be a negative. He thinks he can make very throw and you don’t want to take that mentality away from him because he’s special at putting balls into tight spaces. But he’s also very confident in his receivers, he thinks that these guys will bail him out and make plays for him, but the last few weeks we’ve had teams dropping 8 guys on us and on a 3rd and 14 Saturday if he checked the ball down, we would have ran for 20 yards but he tried to force the ball instead. We just have to dial him back in, make him a little more disciplined; again you don’t want to lose his mentality because that’s what makes him special.”

Will Sammy play against NC State?

“Sammy playing on Saturday will be up to him, we’re going to keep getting him ready and expect him to play, he was out there yesterday, just a little sore, we’re not going to hit him this week and then make a decision based on how he feels on game day. We are going to do everything we can to win this game, simiple as that. It’s the most important game of the season. If he’s not 100% and doesn’t feel confident then we’ll hold him but it’s only Tuesday. If we were playing the Championship game this week, he’d definitely play. I had this injury, it’s painful. But you can play with it, get a shot and then be sore as heck Sunday and Monday. It’s to be determined though, if he’s not 100% then we’ll hold him, it’s up to him.”



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