Brown - Mr. Dependable

Brown - Mr. Dependable


Brown - Mr. Dependable


By Ashley Denny.

CLEMSON – Jaron Brown has been Mr. Dependable this season for Chad Morris and the Clemson offense, having quietly hauled in 26 catches for 343 yards and 4 touchdowns. Brown met with members of the media earlier this week to discuss the season, the Atlantic Division title, and the Tigers’ upcoming game against NC State.

Q: You’ve become the tough catch, go to third down guy this season, how has that been like for you that Tajh looks for you in key situations?

JB: I mean it’s good – you always want to make a play whenever your names called. So whenever the balls thrown to me I try my best to make a play.

Q: Where does Saturday’s game rank as far as your career, it has to be pretty high up there with what you were able to do.

JB: “I was able to get some good touches, it was definitely good to have a great game and clinch the Atlantic. That was really great and overall I just wanted to help the team out.”

Q: There were a couple of times this year that you’ve literally taken the ball away from defensive backs, is that practice or is it a mindset?

JB: It’s a mindset; you go out there trying to make every catch. Wake Forest had a great defense and I just had to go out there and try to make some plays.

Q: Is it a matter of building confidence in Tajh that you’ll be there and open and can hang onto the ball when it comes to you in a clutch situation, how does that work?

JB: You’ve got to be ready with Tajh – he can sling it anywhere anytime. It’s just looking for a hole within the zone, that’s the main thing. If you get open Tajh will find you.

Q: The ACC Atlantic is clinched, the rival is in two weeks, does NC State set up as a trap game, since it’s their homecoming, they have to win out in order to go to a bowl game, etc.?

JB: Definitely not, we’re a pretty focused group. I think we’re going to stay focus, prepare for this game like any other game, so we’ll be ready.

Q: Coach Morris was saying that due to the success Tajh has had at the beginning of the season, he’s gained confidence and feels like he can throw it into a Dixie cup now, do you see that in him?

JB: I don’t know, I just go out there and run my route, try to get open for him.

Q: Do you have to stay patient in this offense with so many guys that are weapons? You’ve had games with 5 or 6 catches and then games with zero, seems to go back and forth.

JB: Not really, if you’re open you’re open. They blitz different schemes, some balls aren’t meant to come to you but you’ve got to make an impact blocking.

Q: How’d the touchdown set up for you?

JB: It was great, a drag route across the middle. I figured I’d be open, it was pretty similar to the route I ran at Maryland, a great ball thrown by Tajh and I was able to make a play.

Q: Do you notice a certain level of confidence for the whole offense once you got your spark in the 3rd quarter? Coach Morris said that the mood on the sideline was blah before the spark but everyone became more energized once you started coming back.

JB: Yeah I guess definitely during the 3rd quarter we were down because of the turnovers and what not. But once we were able to get it going, we were pretty much pretty good.


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