One-on-one with 5-star Keith Marshall

One-on-one with 5-star Keith Marshall


One-on-one with 5-star Keith Marshall

By stopped by Millbrook High School Friday afternoon to speak with the nation’s top running back Keith Marshall.  Last weekend Keith took his official visit to Clemson where he watched the No. 7 Tigers defeat Wake Forest and win the Atlantic Division.

What did Keith have to say about his official visit to Clemson?

“We had a great time.  We went down there with Todd.  My host was Sammy Watkins and I talked with Tajh Boyd and Dwayne Allen.  He is from North Carolina.  We had a great time.  We met with the coaches, academics and all of that other stuff,” said Marshall.

Dwayne Allen had been a long time commitment to Georgia before changing to Clemson on signing day.  What did Allen tell Marshall during the visit?

“He talked to may parents more than he did me.  He was talking with them at dinner.  He said that is where his heart was telling him to go.  He prayed on it and that is where he ended up going,” said Marshall.

Marshall plans one final visit to South Carolina where he will get another chance to watch the Tigers play.

What does Keith think of the offense the Tigers run?

“They run a very explosive offense for the players they have, especially at wide receiver.  They have some explosive player at running back as well,” said Marshall.

What is going to be the most important factors when Keith makes his final decision?

“All the schools are good schools so it is about what school is the best for me and I am going to pray on it.  I will talk to people I trust and make the decision,” replied Marshall.

What does Keith like best about each of the schools that made his final cut?

Georgia:  “That is just my childhood favorite.  I have a good relationship with the coaches and everything.”

Notre Dame:  “They have great academics.  It is a great traditional school.”

Clemson:  “They are on the rise.  I like it down there.  I like how it is not too big and not too small.”

North Carolina:  “They are an in-state school, a great school.  They are going through some things right now.”

South Carolina:  “I like coach Graham a lot.  I haven’t really talked with coach Spurrier that much.  I want to get  to meet him.”

Florida:  “They are just a great program.  They have a lot of good coaches, coach Weiss and they will be successful.”

Will it hurt North Carolina that Keith may not know who the coach will be when he makes his decision the first week of December?

“There is a lot of uncertaintly around there so yeah,” said Marshall.

What did Sammy Watkins tell Keith as he hosted him on his official visit?

“He said he thought I am a lot like he is.  I am focused.  I am not partying and outgoing and all that stuff.  He said as long as you come in and work hard, of course he has great physical abilities and all, but if you come in and work hard you can have an opportunity to play as well,” said Marshall.

Clemson has played a lot of freshmen this year, as has Georgia.  How important is it to play as a true freshman?

“I definitely want to play as a true freshman.  But if the coaches tell me they want me to redshirt a year and that will be the best for me that is what I will have to do.  But I definitely want to play,” said Marshall.

What will be the process for working towards a decision after the official visit to South Carolina?

“We will have South Carolina, then we will have the in-home visits the first week in December.  Then we will  probably the beginning of the second week,” said Marshall.


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