Ford - Guys Have to Stop Giggling

Ford - Guys Have to Stop Giggling


Ford - Guys Have to Stop Giggling


Clemson tight end Brandon Ford met with the media following the Tiger’s loss to NC State.

“We just had a lot of turnovers and I felt like the team just wasn’t mentally focused.  We came into the game thinking we were just going to roll over them.  Sometimes that happens and we just have to learn from it.  The main thing is we just have to take care of the ball.  We are a team.  We win together and I am not going to give up on those guys and I know they are not going to give up on me.  We got each others back.  We just have to learn from this just like we did with Georgia Tech.  We have a lot to play for,” said Ford.

Brandon had another strong performance including a 54 yard catch in the fourth quarter that led to the Tigers only touchdown.

“Well I just go in there and try to help the team out any way I can.  When I get in there I just feel like if the ball is in the air I am going to get it.  I am going to need them and they are going to need me.  We aren’t going to point fingers.  The past few weeks I have been getting in there and just making plays,” said Ford.

How do the Tigers get out of the complacency that has set in the past few weeks?

“The way to get out of it is to come together as players.  The coaches have our backs but they can’t play.  We have to play and execute.  We just have to come together and do the best we can and fix the things that we are doing.  That starts with taking care of the ball and that is one thing that we always stress.  Other than that guys just have to stop giggling and stuff and take the game serious no matter who we play.  No matter if it is a Florida State game or a Duke game.  We just have to come to work every day and treat every game the same,” said Ford.

Watch Brandon discuss the loss to NC State and more on TCITV:



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