Allen Understands Importance of Game

Allen Understands Importance of Game


Allen Understands Importance of Game


Dwayne Allen is from North Carolina, but he has quickly learned the importance of the South Carolina game.

Last week the offense didn’t score a touchdown until the final minutes.  What do the Tigers need to do to improve the play of the offense?

“Take care of the ball.  Offensively we have to take care of the ball.  We have to change the field position.  That is something that we haven’t been doing.  That is why we have been getting the results we have been getting,” said Allen.

Some of the South Carolina players talked Tuesday about how they share the same hatred towards Clemson as their fans.  Does Dwayne share the same feelings towards South Carolina?

“Not necessarily for me, but definitely through the fan base and the other players that are from South Carolina.  I can feel that hatred.  I have grown playing in the rivalry twice now and seeing us win one at home my freshman year.  I can kind of relate to the hatred or as my mom would say never say hate, say dislike,” said Allen.

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