What happened Saturday night at Williams-Brice and for that matter what happened last week in Raleigh is simply unacceptable. 

For the past year Dabo has talked about changing the culture at Clemson.  Well the culture has changed, but not the way Clemson fans would have liked.  The culture change is that it is now acceptable to some to lose to South Carolina three years in a row.  That hasn’t happened since 1968-70 and should not be acceptable to any Clemson coach or player. 

In order to truly change the culture at Clemson back to what it was when they were one of the top programs in the country from the 80’s to early 90’s it must include dominance over South Carolina.  From 1980 to 1991 South Carolina only defeated Clemson two times.

Within minutes of getting destroyed by South Carolina Saturday night, coaches and players talked about turning the page to the ACC Championship.  They talked about how there was nothing they could do about the loss and it was time to focus on the next team goal.

Unfortunately for Clemson fans, especially those living in South Carolina, the page can’t be turned until next Thanksgiving.  Once again Tiger Nation will have to live with the fact that South Carolina whipped them.  That will make 1,095 days where South Carolina will be able to talk about how they have the better football program.  Simply unacceptable at Clemson.

The players and the staff talk each week about how the “next game” is the biggest game of the year because it is the next game.  Well the truth is the biggest game of the year is the same every year and it is played on Thanksgiving. 

Every year when rivalry week hits coach Swinney talks about the Iron Bowl and the rivalry between Alabama and Auburn.  Unfortunately Dabo’s pay check comes from Clemson, not Alabama.  The Alabama Auburn rivalry is a true rivalry where both teams have had similar success over the years.  The Tide leads the rivalry 41-34-1.

The Clemson South Carolina rivalry has been dominated by Clemson over the years and is a rivalry and some might even question the term rivalry based on the results.  Coach Swinney better quickly learn that Clemson is expected to dominate this rivalry, not be dominated by the Gamecocks.

Tommy Bowden’s career at Clemson probably lasted longer that in should in large part because of his success against South Carolina.  If Dabo can’t find a way to defeat South Carolina next season his career at Clemson could end sooner than it should because of his inability to win the biggest game of the year.



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