The Guillermo Diaries

The Guillermo Diaries


The Guillermo Diaries


By Jay Guillermo.

Clemson verbal commitment Jay Guillermo, one of the leaders of the Tiger’s 2012 class, is doing a diary with  In this edition the All-American discusses winning the state championship, his in-home visit with coach Caldwell and much more!

We won the state championship.  The guys we played were big, strong and fast.  They weren’t big and fast in one area, but everywhere.  We got a field goal on the first drive.  Then they got a sack and forced a fumble that they returned for a touchdown to take the lead 7-3.  We scored and went up 9-7 at the half.  The third quarter was scoreless.  In the fourth quarter we scored on the first drive.  Then we scored a couple of drives later and put it in the bag.  We won 23-7.

I almost got kicked out of the game with about four minutes to go.  On one play I pancaked one guy.  I got excited and yelled as I got up.  I came out on the next play and pancaked him again.  I went until the whistle which is what I always try to do.  All of a sudden one of the refs got in my face and said No. 57 if you do that again you are out of the game. 

We played Saturday night so I didn’t get to watch the game live.  We recorded it.  Once I got done with our game I went right into the locker room and saw we won 38-10.  That made the night even better.

Coach Caldwell came by the school on Monday.  Then he came by the house.  He said the Clemson fans really showed up for the championship game.  I got to talk with him a lot and he got to talk with my family a lot.  He is excited for me and can’t wait for me to get there. 

I can’t wait to get to Clemson and start learning from coach Caldwell.  Hopefully I will be able to play early.  If not I will wait for my turn.  I hope Dalton doesn’t leave early because I want the opportunity to learn from him.  He is such a great player and he could teach me a lot.

I am pretty excited that it I will be a Tiger soon.  I will arrive on campus on January 8th.  I will have just a couple of days home after returning from the Under Armour All-American game.

My senior year has flown by.  We have exams next week and then I am done.

My mom gets tears every time we talk about me leaving.  She is a typical mom.  We were talking with coach Caldwell and he said sometimes he had to bring the guys into his office and make them call their momma.  He won’t need to do that with me.


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