Bullard Learns Meaning of Shrine Bowl

Bullard Learns Meaning of Shrine Bowl


Bullard Learns Meaning of Shrine Bowl


All-American Jonathan Bullard learned Sunday during a visit to the Shriners hospital what this week is all about.

“It really opens up your eyes to see the ability that we have that these kids would love to have.  We are just here supporting them today.  We are playing this week, not just for us but we are playing for them,” said Bullard.

Jonathan will be pulled in a lot of directions this week as players try to recruit the top defensive end.  Good friend and Clemson commitment Carlos Watkins will have his ear every night.

“I am rooming with Carlos this week so I will be hearing a lot of Clemson this week,” said Bullard.

Ten other Clemson commitments will also be working hard to convince Jonathan to join them in Tigertown.

“I’m sure they will but I haven’t really gotten chill time to just sit down and talk with a few of them but I’m sure they will,” said Bullard.

The prize recruit plans to announce on December 21 at a press conference at his school.

“I am trying to get coach Barnes to set that up,” said Bullard.

Will Jonathan be asking Carlos if he can borrow the golf cart he made his announcement in?

“No, I will just be doing the original hat,” said Bullard.



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