Watkins on Bullard, Shrine Bowl

Watkins on Bullard, Shrine Bowl


Watkins on Bullard, Shrine Bowl


TheClemsonInsider.com caught up with future Clemson defensive tackle Carlos Watkins as he left the Shrine Bowl.  How did it feel to play on the same defensive line with his good friend Jonathan Bullard.

“It was great.  He made big plays for us today.  The plays he made were momentum changers,” said Watkins.

Was there any trash talk between Carlos and Jonathan during the game?

“Nah, we just played to have fun and have a great time and compete against each other,” said Watkins.

Next up for Carlos and Jonathan is teaming up at the US Army All-American game.

“Yeah, this was a good game here and now I am looking forward to going there,” said Watkins.

Where will Carlos be Wednesday afternoon when Jonathan announces his decision?

“(Smiling) I would like to be.  I will talk to him Tuesday,” said Watkins.

What are Jonathan’s overall impressions of the Shrine Bowl week?

“It was a great week getting to play with all of these great players and you know two-a-days are rough but it payed off as you can see.  We had a great team.  NC is No. 1,” said Watkins.



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