Goodman - Send Seniors Out with Win

Goodman - Send Seniors Out with Win


Goodman - Send Seniors Out with Win


Malliciah Goodman has one last chance to play on the defensive line with Andre Branch, Brandon Thompson and Rennie Moore.  Goodman plans to make sure his senior teammates go out with a big win in their final game at Clemson.

Have the Tigers seen an offense like West Virginia’s this year?

“I don’t think we have.  They have a lot of speed outside and with the backs.  They have that orbit guy with speed so we just have to pursue the ball and get after them,” said Goodman.

Is the offense similar to what they face in practice against the Tigers?

“Yeah, I think so,” said Goodman.

What are Malliciah’s plans for his few days off?

“I am going to go home and have Christmas with my family.  Just have Christmas with them like we do every year,” said Goodman.

Is this Bowl different than the others since it is a BCS bowl?

“It is a great accomplishment.  It is my first BCS bowl since I have been here.  It will be a great experience through the week.  We need to go and represent the ACC and get a win,” said Goodman.


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