Swinney, Players Get Special Greeting

Swinney, Players Get Special Greeting


Swinney, Players Get Special Greeting


Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney met with the media after arriving at the Fort Lauderdale airport Tuesday afternoon.
“Had an opportunity to come down and get a little taste of it a few weeks ago for the press conference but it’s exciting. We’ve had good preparation at Clemson, um, we took a nice break over Christmas…this is really special to see our players be greeted like it and really have an opportunity to be a part of a big time BCS bowl,” said Swinney.
Coach Swinney and the Tigers arrived two days early in order to hold a mini-camp.
 “It was either keep ‘em in practice all the way to Christmas eve or I let ‘em go the 22nd and we had to get back going you can only take so much time off, we needed to get back going today. It just made more sense to just come on down here then than to bring everybody back to Clemson….think it’s going to work out good for us,” said Swinney.
Many of the Tigers made the trip on the Charter Tuesday while others made the drove down and some took direct flights.
“Most everybody is on the charter. We got all of our Florida kids some of the south Georgia kids getting here on their own and probably 6 or 7 guys…they’ll all be arriving some of them are already here,” said Swinney.
Dabo and the Tigers can look forward to some warmer weather for the next nine days.
 “It was great it was like 34 degrees and raining when we left Clemson so this was uh, an awesome reward for a long year to be able to come down here and some spend some quality time in a great place like Miami, fl,  fort Lauderdale and to enjoy this time and weather,” said Swinney.
The Clemson team was met by two special buses painted with coach Swinney and several Tigers walking hand in hand.
“The bus? I love it! I love it. It’s really neat. It’s again, just one of those little things that let you know that you’re at the Orange Bowl,” said Swinney.
Dabo said the objective of the Tigers is to bring home the Orange Bowl trophy.
 “Were coming to win-that’s our objective. We’ve got a good plan in place and we’ve put a lot of thought into it. From our standpoint…also have that balance of enjoying the bowl,” said Swinney.



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