Friday West Virginia Practice Quotes

Friday West Virginia Practice Quotes


Friday West Virginia Practice Quotes


By Staff Report.

West Virginia practiced Friday as they prepare to face the Tigers in the Discover Orange Bowl.  Check out some of the quotes from Friday’s session.

Head Coach Dana Holgorsen:
On how the team has changed in the past three games of the season:
“There’s a whole bunch of energy now and we didn’t have a whole bunch of energy come game, for whatever reason it was, come game eight, I believe it was [referring to a 49-23 loss to Syracuse on Oct. 21] and we learned a lot in the game from not having a bunch of energy and loss to a team that had more energy than we did, so we learned from it and were able to win games by having more energy than our opponents.”
On West Virginia’s starting safety:
“We’ll see how it goes this week. We’re not ready to name a starter at this point. We have Ian Smith who’s been a starter and doing a good job and we have Darwin Smith who’s been a starter and done a good job and we have one spot open for about four players who will practice this week to see who will fill that role.”
On nose tackle Jorge Wright:
“He’s doing well. He’s been solid all year. That’s an important position in the defensive scheme that we run. He’s doing good. There’s always room for improvement and hopefully he’ll improve and this is another opportunity for him to get better.”
On four players not making the trip to Miami:
“None of those guys have been a very big contributor the way it is. It is what it is, two guys didn’t meet grades and two guys didn’t make the trip for a reason so we’re going to move on without them.”
Derrick Bryant, defensive end:
On being in Miami for the Orange Bowl:
“Being in Miami is something different. This is my first time down here. We flew in yesterday and it was unreal. I’m just trying to soak it all in and enjoy the experience, but we’re down here to do one thing and that’s to beat Clemson, so I’m focused on that.”
On his increased playing time:
“The coaches and players have been getting me ready. They always say I’m one play away from getting in the game, and when Josh (Taylor) went down he’s been nothing but supportive of me because I’ve been showing what I can do. I’m a different person from when I first got here. I didn’t think I was going to play, but as the season went a long, I’ve started to get the hang of it.”
Brodrick Jenkins, defensive back:
On Clemson WR Sammy Watkins who attended the same high school:
“Growing up, me and Sammy were always nice. I was older so I had the resources, the car and stuff, so I would take him home and bring him around with me. I knew he was going to be special. It was like a big brother thing, I used to try to show him by example. But he’s a smart, smart person. I’m happy that he went somewhere that really worked out for him.”
On helping his teammates understand Watkins’ playing style:
“The film says it all. Everyone knows he’s a real big threat. Just focusing on him will hurt us because they have other athletes too.”
On what makes Watkins so good:
“There are numerous things. I can’t say just one. If I had to say something, I’d say his speed. His experience has helped him out a lot to, playing in college and being on this higher level.”
On seeing Watkins prior to arriving in Miami:
“The first thing he said to me is ‘you better get ready.’ I said bring it. Prior to the season starting we joked that we may see each other in the Orange Bowl. We’re just thankful that we’re able to play against each other again, because he really is like my little brother.”
On his relationship with Watkins after the game is over:
“(Whoever wins) we’ll be happy for each other because you can’t sit there and be mad or envious or anything. If he does good, he does good, and I’ll be thankful for that. We’re both trying to get to the same place.”
Wes Tonkey, defensive back:
On his first start:
“I’ve been trying to stay focused these last couple weeks and practice hard. I’m just trying to learn each and every day. I don’t feel any pressure yet, maybe before the game, but not yet. I think my family is just as nervous as I am to be honest.”



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