Monday Practice Report

Monday Practice Report


Monday Practice Report


The Tigers practiced for the final time Monday as they prepare for Wednesday night’s Discover Orange Bowl.

“This is like a typical Thursday-type practice of game week for us, so we just tried to have the normal routine we’d have back at home, and I thought they were good. The hay’s in the barn and at this point. We’ve been practicing a long time for one game, so we just tried to make sure we’re polished up with last minute corrections. We got some good special teams work in and we’re ready to go play now,” said Swinney.

Coach Swinney is working to dial the Tigers in so they peak Wednesday night.

“Everybody’s healthy and ready to go. We’ve had a great time, but for us it’s really about getting dialed in mentally to play the game now.”

It has been a month since the Tigers won the ACC Championship in Charlotte.  Coach Swinney is looking for a good start from the Tigers to continue the momentum they built in Charlotte.

“It’s been a long time [since the last game]. I think our guys have done a good job though. There’s always stuff that makes you worry a little bit as a coach when you haven’t played for a month. I’m sure there will be a little bit of a feeling out time in the early part of the game, but that’s one of the reasons why early momentum is critical in a game like this. Hopefully we’ll get off to a good start, create something positive and get dialed in and play four good quarters of football.”



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