The Guillermo Diaries - Tiger in Days

The Guillermo Diaries - Tiger in Days


The Guillermo Diaries - Tiger in Days


By Jay Guillermo.

Future Clemson offensive linemen Jay Guillermo, one of the leaders of the 2011 class, is doing a diary with  In this edition the All-American discusses the Under Armour experience, moving in at Clemson this weekend and much more!

I hope I represented Clemson well last night.  I had someone watching the game for me and they said I had six knockdowns.  I would be happy with one going against the great players we went up against.  I think I held my own.

It was so much fun being out there with all the guys.  I got to start building some chemistry with Chad Kelly.  I got to play on the same line with Patrick.  It was just nice to be with all of the guys with different backgrounds going to different schools.

The Under Armour stuff they gave us was amazing.  I got three pairs of gloves, got to keep the helmet.  We got some great stuff.

Coach Morris and coach Scott came by to see me today at the hotel.  They watched it our game on TV last night.  They said they were excited for us and can’t wait to get us on campus.  We are excited to get to Clemson.

I can’t believe I will be at Clemson on Sunday.  Time has flown by.  It is getting here real quick.

I am going to be honest with you about Chad.  I guess I questioned his mental toughness just like I do everyone’s before seeing him play.  He really gained a lot of respect from me.  He got hurt right before the half.  They had to get one of the quarterbacks from the other team to move over to ours.  Chad was like no I can go and play through it.  Not many young men would do that, especially in an all-star game.  I told coach Scott and coach Morris that Chad really gained a lot of my respect last night.  He will be a great one for Clemson.

I went after Goldman hard this week.  I have never faced anyone with such a good bulrush.  Coach Scott and coach Morris asked me about what my highlight was and I told them it was when I beat Eddie in one of the one on one drills.   He is so big and powerful. 

I talked some with Darby.  I didn’t get to talk with him as much because he was on the other team.    

I watched the Orange Bowl.  Patrick and I watched it until the end in disbelief.  I told coach Morris today that it didn’t matter.  The day after the game was over 2012 started.  Next year is a different year with a different team, no need to harp on that game.

I am so excited to get to Clemson.  It is not just to get the college life started, but to start working with the team, lifting weights.  I know I will have to work hard and go in there and take a spot if I want it.



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