Brooks Arrival Delayed

Brooks Arrival Delayed


Brooks Arrival Delayed


Future Clemson running back Zac Brooks had hoped to be on campus on Sunday, but his trip has been delayed.

“Something happened with my transcript.  I was going to be there today.  My school didn’t do something right so I wasn’t able to leave yesterday as planned,” said Brooks.

Is there any reason for concern?

“No, they just had to get  the grading scale right.  It was just  something that had to be taken care of,” said Brooks.

Zac plans to  leave for Clemson on Monday, but is not sure yet what time.

“I will be going tomorrow.  I am not sure what time yet.  I am very excited.  I can’t wait to get there,” said Brooks.

The family will make the trip with Zac as he begins his college career at Clemson.

“My mom, dad and brothers will be coming up with me,” said Brooks.

Who will Zac be rooming with this spring?

“I am going to be rooming with Travis Blanks,” said Brooks. 

The top player from Arkansas is ready to take it to a new level.

“I am just excited to start my new journey.  I want to work hard and take it to another level.  It will be one step closer to reaching my goals,” said Brooks.

How will enrolling early help?

“I think it will help a tremendous amount.  I will get to learn the plays, get familiar with the system.  I will get to get a step closer to reaching my goals,” replied Brooks.

The Clemson staff is eager to get the top running back on campus.

“They tell me they are excited to get me on campus.  They are ready to start working with me,” said Brooks.

How does the family feel about Zac leaving home?

“They are coming around.  They are sad to  see me leave, but for the most part they are excited to see me move on to bigger and better things,” replied Brooks.

The Clemson staff has told Zac he will be able to compete for  playing time next fall.

“They tell me there will be an opportunity for me.  It is wide open for me to take.  I will have to come in and work hard for it,” said Brooks.



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