Brooks Waiting on Clearinghouse

Brooks Waiting on Clearinghouse


Brooks Waiting on Clearinghouse


It has been a week of waiting for future Clemson running back Zac Brooks.  He has hoped to leave for Clemson on Saturday and move on Sunday but was help up awaiting word that he had been cleared to enroll by the NCAA.

Monday Zac sent a text to TCI letting us know that he was on his way to Clemson.

“I thought we were cleared to come up.  We were in the car on on our way up to Clemson.  We were almost in Alabama when we got a call to turn around,” said Brooks.

What is the latest word as of Wednesday night?

“I didn’t get certified yet.  It is still in process.  I hope it will be done tomorrow,” replied Brooks.

The issue is  some of the paperwork that was submitted by his  school.

“They didn’t have my grading scale on my 9th grade transcript.  They are having to work through that,” said Brooks.

Zac hopes to join his teammates on Thursday or Friday.

“I hope it will be finished tomorrow.  I can’t wait to get there,” said  Brooks.



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