Moody - "I do like Clemson"

Moody - "I do like Clemson"


Moody - "I do like Clemson"


2013 athlete Mykal Moody will travel from Conway, SC to Clemson on Saturday to check out the Tigers.

“I am heading to Clemson on Saturday for Junior Day,” said Moody.

What does Mykal hope to see this weekend in Tigertown?

“This will be my first trip to Clemson.  I want to see what the atmosphere is at the school.  I want to meet the coaches and see if I would like to live there,” replied Moody.

What is Mykal hearing from the Clemson coaching staff?

“Coach Pearman is my recruiter.  We get along good.  He talks to me about what things are like at Clemson.  A big part of school for me is the degree.  We talked about making sure I get a good degree.  Football wise he says I can come and play multiple positions,” said Moody.

What position is Clemson recruiting the speedster to play?

“They really haven’t said a specific position.  They have talked to me about what I prefer.  I am not really sure.  I can play anywhere on the field.  I just want to get the ball in my hands and make something happen,” said Moody.

The offer list stands at zero, but expect that to change over the next few months.

“I don’t have any offers yet.  I am hearing from Clemson, Alabama, Auburn, Oregon, South Carolina, NC State, Georgia Tech, Missouri, North Carolina and others,” said Moody.

When asked if he has any early favorites, Moody responded, “No sir, not right now.  I really do like Clemson and Oregon a lot though.”

Don’t expect an early decision from the Palmetto standout.

“Right now I am thinking I will probably make a late decision,” said Moody.


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