Greenlee Gets Offer, Commitment Soon?

Greenlee Gets Offer, Commitment Soon?


Greenlee Gets Offer, Commitment Soon?


Saturday’s Junior Day visit is a day Daniel’s D.J. Greenlee will never forget.  D.J’s father works in the strength and conditioning program for the Tigers.

“I was on a tour when coach Brooks pulled me out and took me over to the WestZone and we went to coach Swinney’s office.  He told me how hard I had worked and how he has watched me grow up.  Then he offered me,” said Greenlee.

How did it feel to get the Clemson offer?

“It felt great.  I had been waiting for that one,” said Greenlee.

The Tigers were the first to offer but several other schools are showing early interest.

“I have also been hearing from Maryland, East Carolina and Tennessee,” said Greenlee.

With an offer from the Tigers in hand a commitment could come quickly.

“I should be ready by next week,” said Greenlee.

The opportunity to play with several former teammates would be a huge benefit to selecting the Tigers.

“Shaq, DeShawn and Nuke are like brothers to me.  It would be great to play with them,” said Greenlee.

How did D.J.’s father react to the news?

“He already knew about it but didn’t say anything.  When it was over he smiled and gave me a hug and said you deserve it,” replied Greenlee.



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