Hanging with Chad - Signing Day

Hanging with Chad - Signing Day


Hanging with Chad - Signing Day


By Chad Kelly.

BUFFALO, NY- Clemson’s highly touted quarterback in the 2012 recruiting class Chad Kelly has agreed to do a diary with TheClemsonInsider.com. In this edition, Chad talks about his signing day experience, what it feels like to finally be finished with the recruiting process, and who he will be rooming with when he moves into Clemson in May. 

It felt great today finally signing my Letter of Intent and knowing that next year I’ll be living my dream playing Division 1 football and going to college. My family and I have been through a lot over the years, moving to New York and living with my grandparents for a year but to know that everything worked out is a dream come true. 

I signed with Clemson at 7:04 this morning but we had a Signing Day celebration at my school at 2:30 also. My grandparents, mom, dad, brother and Uncle Jim were all there and it was just a great experience. I knew after I committed to Clemson that my recruiting process was over, but I think after watching me sign my letter of intent, the whole situation became real to my parents. They’re happier than anything knowing that I’ll be living my dream and going to college for free. 

I’m planning on rooming with Jay Jay McCullough and Germone Hopper when I get to Clemson. 

I heard today of the two commitments that Clemson received from DJ Greenlee and DeShaun Watson and it speaks for itself of the dedication of the Clemson coaches and the hard work that they put into recruiting the best athletes. Clemson’s coaches go after the players that they want early on in their recruiting processes and focus on them. The momentum from both Signing Day and Junior Day last weekend I’m sure really helped. I’m very excited about the future of Clemson’s program and the direction we’re heading in.




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