Leone - We are Ready

Leone - We are Ready


Leone - We are Ready


“I am excited.  I know everyone else is excited.  It is a dream playing on this field.  Every year is a new experience for me.  I can’t wait to get out here,” said Leone.

How confident is the Clemson pitching staff with so many returning players?

“A ton.  Having Brady back is probably one of the biggest things for us.  He had a chance to go play pro ball but decided to come back.  He will be great on Friday.  Hopefully I will do well on Saturday.  I know whoever we put in there at any time really is going to do well for us.  Having that experience with our older guys is really going to help,” replied Leone.

Dominic is ready to get the season started and face some different batters.

“We are all ready.  We are dieing to get out there.  We love having intrasquads but at the same time we are like lets get new hitters in there.  Let’s start putting some wins on the board.  We are all just pretty excited,” said Leone.

How have some of the younger hitters looked this fall?

“I have been impressed with a lot of the younger guys and even some of the  older guys.  Stolzy is hitting the ball great.  Spencer, Phil, Richie and Gibby… I have seen Tyler Slaton swing the ball well.  Jay Baum and a bunch of guys have really stepped up this fall,” said Leone.


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