Leone Gives Tigers Momentum

Leone Gives Tigers Momentum


Leone Gives Tigers Momentum


Dominic Leone is one of the energetic leaders on the 2012 Tigers.  Leone’s strong performance Saturday was just what the Tigers needed after the opening day loss.

“It was big.  It was huge for me.  We were a little down after last night’s loss.  It is hard to lose the opening game, especially at home.  I just wanted to come out and set the tone, provide some energy and take that momentum back into our dugout and get our hitters rolling,” said Leone.

Dominic came out after six innings but could have gone longer if it wasn’t so early in the season.

“I could have pushed it to seven, eight, nine maybe.  We are trying to be smart at the beginning of the year.  Everyone is on a strict pitch count.  I just had to make the most of all my pitches,” said Leone.

What was working for Dominic on Saturday?

“I feel like everything was working pretty good.  I felt like I had good command of my breaking pitches as well.  Even when the guys hit the ball I had great defense out behind me.  Felder was out there with a fantastic catch.  We had a couple of double plays turned.  It all kind of fell our way today,” said Leone.

The Tigers scored two runs in the first to get  the momentum going.  That made Leone’s job a little easier.

“For sure, for sure.  Sitting on the bench watching that first inning it was nice to see the runs start piling up on the board.  As a pitcher you can kind of just relax and focus on what you have to do instead of worrying about the hitters putting up runs.  They did a very good job today.  I couldn’t be happier,” said Leone.

How do the Tigers carry the momentum from Saturday’s sweep into next weekend’s series with Maine?

“Maine is a good team.  We are just going to have to be ready from square one.  Brady will go out and he will show up again.  I think our hitters will have that weekend of experience and I think they will put up some runs.  As long as we can keep this momentum rolling we should be fine,” said Leone.



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