Rally Cat Report - Preparing for Nationals

Rally Cat Report - Preparing for Nationals


Rally Cat Report - Preparing for Nationals


By Nicole Smith.

The Rally Cats will do their best to energize the fans in Death Valley or Littlejohn.  Each week get the latest from one of the Tiger’s Rally Cats.

Now that home basketball season is coming to an end, the one thing that has been on the minds of the Rally Cats is NATIONALS! The Rally Cats spent all weekend on Feb 11-12 learning our national’s choreography from our choreographer who did last year’s national’s routine as well, Nicole.  Nicole came all the way from Las Vegas where she is currently enrolled in law school, to teach us our national’s choreography. She did an amazing job, as usual, and gave us an incredible routine! Since the choreography is so good, we have a lot of work to do up until nationals to make sure we execute her choreography to the best of our ability! Along with our three day a week practices (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday) we now have an extra practice on Sunday night that we have added to our schedule to make sure we have plenty of time until we go to Daytona to perfect our dance and make sure we all hit every move and every accent the way it is supposed to be hit! All of us Rally Cats love our routine this year, and we all know we have a lot of work to do, but we are all willing to put our best foot forward each night at practice, and make this dance the best national’s routine the Rally Cats have ever had!

The Rally Cats cannot believe how quickly this year’s basketball season has gone by, and for us Senior Rally Cats, it makes us all very sad that we only have two more home games as Clemson Rally Cats! Most of the seniors will be able to travel to the basketball tournaments that are coming up in the next few months, but after March 1st 2012, the four seniors will not get the chance to dance in Littlejohn coliseum ever again. We are all going to enjoy these last two home games to the fullest, and we hope to cherish ever memory that comes from our last few times in Littlejohn. This weekend the Tigers take on NC State at 2:30pm, and due to the amount of special performances and promotions that the halftime directors have set in place, the Rally Cats will not be performing a halftime at the NC State game. However, on March 1st at 9pm (Senior Night) the Tigers will take on Virginia Tech and the Rally Cats will be performing a halftime routine at that game.

Along with preparing for nationals, and making the best out of these last two home basketball games, the Rally Cats will be having another College Prep Clinic this Sunday night from 6:00pm-9:00om. To register for this clinic or to find our more information on this clinic and the clinic we will be having at the end of March, visit the Clemson Athletic website and click the spirit squad tab. The Rally Cats and Cheerleaders had a great turn out at the College Prep Clinic last weekend, and we hope just as many, or more, girls come and join us for our next clinic! The spirit squads are also partnering with a few local food joints in the area to help raise money for us to go to Daytona for nationals. We will keep you updated on which restaurants we are partnering with when it gets closer to the time!

Thank you for reading!! GO TIGERS!!



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