Brownell Expects a Battle

Brownell Expects a Battle


Brownell Expects a Battle


By Ashley Denny.

CLEMSON, SC- The surging Clemson Tigers who have won their last 4 of 5 games will get another shot against a Virginia Tech team that beat them earlier this season in Blacksburg tomorrow night on the Tigers’ Senior Night. Every time the Tigers’ and Hokies match up against each other, viewers know that they’re in for a close contest and Brad Brownell gave the members of the media reasons for this on Wednesday.

“I would assume a little bit that they’re somewhat similar jobs, Clemson and Virginia Tech are both in somewhat rural areas,” Brownell said. “We recruit some of the same players; have some of the same challenges at each school within the league. My guess is, I haven’t been here that long to be a part of it but when you combine those factors, you probably have similar talent and you’re going to get games that are pretty close. I don’t sense any sort of super rivalry between Virginia Tech and Clemson in terms of basketball, actually Seth (Greenburg) is one of the guys early on who was as nice to me as anybody in terms of welcoming me to the league. My guess is that we have similar talent bases, similar challenges and because of that you get teams that are close in ability and that leads to close games.”

One thing that the Tigers’ didn’t do well against the Hokies the first time the two teams met was shoot three pointers. They ended the contest shooting only 12% from behind the arc, most of that being because of the Hokies’ great defensive effort against the three.

“We’re not focusing on that, they do a good job some of the time they just don’t help in certain situations,” Brownell said. “They stay with shooters which makes it harder to get clean looks at three. You have to finish some plays in the paint on your own, drives, have to pass the ball inside some. We didn’t play well in that game up there and a lot of it had to do with how well Tech played. Tech is playing better than their record indicates; their freshmen are improving and feeling good about themselves.”

Brownell also continues to be impressed with guard Eric Green and what he’s seen from him on tape.

“I think they have a great player in Eric Green,” Brownell said. “He’s one of the better all around guards in our league. He impacts the game on both ends, a little like Demontez in that way, just a good all around player.”




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