Leggett Teleconference Summary

Leggett Teleconference Summary


Leggett Teleconference Summary


Clemson head coach Jack Leggett held a teleconference Thursday to preview the series with South Carolina that begins Friday in Charleston.

Opening Statement

“We are just excited about this weekend. We look forward to taking this series down to the low country and have a good time with it in Charleston.  As everyone knows it is an important weekend of baseball for both programs in this state.  We are just excited about getting it rolling tomorrow night in Charleston and we will see where it goes from there.”

What is the latest on Richie Shaffer’s injury?

“Right now he is still questionable and hopefully hopeful that he might have a chance to play some this weekend.  We just have to play it day by day today and see how it progresses.”

Last year series ended with some controversy and  then you called coach Tanner to settle things down.  Any thoughts on how that will impact this years series?

“I don’t even want to talk about it to be honest with you.  I just want to talk about baseball.  We are ready to play and I’m sure they will be ready to play.  It is water under the bridge as far as I’m concerned.  We are looking forward to the challenge.  We know they have some outstanding pitching and we have to try to solve that.  We are in a position know where my thinking is it is all about baseball.  It is all about what we can try to do to win and I’m sure they are doing the same thing.”

What are your thoughts about your team after the first two series?

“I think we have pitched pretty good.  I think we played really good defense until Sunday.  We had a poor defensive day on Sunday but we overcame it.  I guess the biggest concern is getting our offense going from top to bottom and getting everybody to contribute.  We have been a little slow offensively.  The positive is we have been able to come back from being behind.  I don’t like playing from behind but we have been able to do it.  We were able to overcome it Saturday and Sunday against Maine.  They are a really solid and good ball club by the way with some good pitching.  It was a good challenge for us.  I think the thing I am the most excited about is that we have been able to come from behind and handle a little adversity.  We had a little spit and vinegar on us which is a good thing.  We have a little resiliency about us which is a good thing.  The bad part about it is the last six games we have gotten behind and had to scramble.  The positive on that side is we have been able to score some runs and make it work for us.  The biggest concern for us is to get started early in the game offensively.  The things I have felt the best about is our pitching and our defense, except last Sunday.”

Any update on the Sunday starter?

“We really don’t.  We are going to play Friday and Saturday to win any way we can and then figure out Sunday when it gets here.  I think David Haselden is still in the mix.  Kevin Pohle and Jonathan Meyer those are probably three top options for Sunday.”



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