Rally Cat Report

Rally Cat Report


Rally Cat Report


By Georgia Anderson.

The Rally Cats will do their best to energize the fans in Death Valley or Littlejohn.  Each week get the latest from one of the Tiger’s Rally Cats.

Last night I rallied for my last time with Nicole, Collin, Morgan, and Christi.  I’ve said before that it gets harder to say goodbye each year, but I didn’t think it would be this hard.  I’ve been on the team with these girls for three years and have grown so close to each of them.  They are like sisters to me and the thought of them not cheering on the Tigers with me next year is so sad!  As soon as one of them shed a tear, I was sobbing like a baby myself.  However, I know that they all have such bright futures to look forward to and I’m so excited for that.  We’ve built friendships that will last a lifetime, so I know this isn’t really goodbye.

On a brighter note, the last home game of a season ended in a win for the Tigers, and an exciting one at that.  The theme of this season seems to have been last minute game changers.  For the majority of my times in Little John this year I’ve been glued to the game and so nervous for the outcome.  Every time that is followed by a win though, it makes it that much more exciting.

It’s hard to believe that next year I will be a senior.  Being a Rally Cat has made my years at Clemson so much more rewarding.  I have been blessed with wonderful opportunities and the best friends I could ever have hoped to find.  I can’t wait to keep you up to date with all things Rally Cats as a senior next year.  I know it will be the best yet.  Go Tigers!


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