Crosby Back in Clemson

Crosby Back in Clemson


Crosby Back in Clemson


Kevin Crosby, one of the nation’s top 2014 prospects, was back on campus at Clemson Saturday when he visited for Junior Day.

“It was a good visit.  First we got to talk with Coach Swinney.  Then we toured Vickery Hall.  Then we toured the facilities,” said Crosby.

Bamberg-Ehrhard teammates LaSamuel Davis, Marcus Moody and Demetruis Odom joined Kevin on the Junior Day visit.  How did they enjoy the visit?

“They were amazed.  The really liked it.  It was their first or second trip to Clemson.  They plan to come back this summer for camp,” replied Crosby.

Coach Venables spent some time with Kevin during the visit.

“I talked to coach V.  It was my first time talking with him.  We talked about grades.  They haven’t pressured me to pick a position.  They told me to keep excelling at both and see what I like better,” said Crosby.

Which position does Kevin prefer?

“I like both.  I might like to play Bandit where I could do both,” replied Crosby.

Kevin also plans to attend the Dabo Swinney High School camp again.

“I will be back for camp.  I just like to compete,” said Crosby.

Where else does Kevin plan to camp this summer?

“I will probably go to Alabama and maybe Georgia Tech,” replied Crosby.

The Dawgs will get the next visit from the sophomore sensation.

“I think I am going to Georgia on the 23rd,” said Crosby.

When asked about his current favorites, Crosby responded, “I don’t have any yet”.


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